What’s the biggest regret of your life?

Tough question.

It’s my day off today so I have lots of free time for myself. And free time, meaning, a lot of time to sleep, read, and browse the internet. Sounds fun, huh!

So, I was watching wedding videos in youtube—you know just to make me feel more bitter, lol, just kidding. I was watching celebrity weddings and how it was filmed, since I’m kind of comparing it to the ones made on the ordinary couples and I tell you, I like the ones made on the latter. So anyway, I don’t know how I got to this video showing different people answering one question. And it’s quite good actually. Makes you wonder what your answer might me.

Here’s the video:

I like it that in the end, they were able to answer truthfully.

You’ll be lying if you even in a second did not think one for yourself. Admit it, you had a split second to go back in time and think. And I admire you if after that, you say you don’t have regrets in life.

Each of us has taken different roads in life. We had our own experiences. Even though we are of the same specie, we still lived uniquely. Its the one thing that makes one unique. So how does this relate to having regrets? It does! In life, we make a lot of decisions. It’s those decisions we made that gets us to where we are right now. It’s the two sides of the coin actually. Those decisions might have lead you to regret things or it might made you happy and contented in life.

Ok, enough serious talk. Curious to what my answer is? Of course you are! You’re waiting for it! I’ll tell you, I did a half hour trip back to memory lane just to have this answer. Mind you, I have to choose because I do have lots of regrets in life —- something small, like not taking swimming classes, or not taking the driving lesson seriously, or not able to learn how to play guitar, and the like. Or something big, like not making the first move on a guy I liked back in college. It’s funny how some of these just came up to me while writing this.

So, here goes.

My biggest regret in life is not taking the course I liked when I enrolled in college. I’ve always wanted to be an Architect or an Engineer. But, being an obedient child, I chose to take a business course. Well, it went well actually. I was able to pass one of the hardest Board Exam in the country and now I’m a licensed professional and enjoying my work. But there are just times that I go out and see these amazing building designs and I just stare at them and think what might my life be if I took the risk and enrolled in one of those courses. I would have been in different countries, designing buildings or homes and gets appreciated for it. I would have designed my own home by now. I would have loved doing that. Well, anyway, I’ve made my decision and I can’t do anything about it now.

I’m trying to live my life the way I want it and I say it’s never too late. No, I will not enroll back and study again! I will be in my 30’s then when I finish it. And on top of that, I have to create a name for myself which usually takes years in that kind of industry. I will stick to what I have today and make the most of it. I was lead to make that decision for a reason. And even though I say it’s the biggest regret of my life, I can also say that I somehow made the right choice. I’m blessed and it’s enough for me.

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