Aspiring Photographer and friends…

It’s been a while since I post my last blog. 🙂

And here I am again…

I took basic photography workshop which lasted for five days. And that five days has been the best and the most fun learning I had.

So now, I understand what ISO, Aperture and Shutter means and how they relate and on how they are set up before taking pictures. I know, I still have lots to learn but at least now I can say I have started doing the thing I love doing. I am still practicing and sharpening my skills and I know it takes usually years of experience for one to be called a professional photographer. But I’ll get there.

I got a chance to go with friends on an unscheduled trip over the weekend and it’s amazing how my thinking with these vacations changed after I finished the workshop. Now, I see vacations, travels, or any event as opportunity for me to practice photography! And I’m really enjoying it more when I just go on vacation spree.

I made my friends my models and I’m glad they liked my pictures. I took a bunch of them, and here are a few:


She may not be a professional model with the right heights, body and face, but I’m really impressed with her–she knows how to project and make it look like she’s tall on camera. She knows where her best angle is and I really had fun taking pictures of her. I don’t know about how others think of this picture, but I liked the simplicity of it.

There were two of them. If my other friend is good at projection, the other one below is a little bit shy and conscious on what she might look in the picture. I liked her new haircut and I20160328-DSC_0299 really think it has character that’s why I’ve been trying to get a close up picture of her but unfortunately, she doesn’t like the outcome. LOL. I think they are nice.

Ok, yes I know, I got some hard  lights on her in this picture and the sunlight was putting a lot of shadows on her face. I should have brought a reflector but I don’t have one yet. LOL. I’ll buy one someday —-and a tripod, and lenses (telephoto maybe or a wide angle lens, or both), among other things. And the prizes of these are no joke.  And yes, photography is expensive. I’ll start with the cheapest one—which is the lens hood. LOL.

I’m a Nikon user and I didn’t realize that Nikon and Canon can be so different, technically. Anyway, talk about that some other time.

So, going back with my tale. We roamed around a quite a lot of places for two days—-we swam on a beach, relaxed in a hot spring, then went kayaking on a lake:

Talk about fun right? 🙂

There’s one thing that I noticed during this trip though. I think I’m kind of influencing my friends in photography. They have become more conscious on the pictures they are taking and they sometimes are now trying to look for the right angles that best show their subjects on their pictures. And the best thing is, they’re now less taking selfies. LOL.



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