Nature’s Story

Nature Photography.

I’m still new in the world of photography and I honestly don’t know where to focus on with lots of photography genres. I like street photography but I’m still trying to learn how to connect with my subjects. I’m kind of a little hesitant with strangers and I’m just afraid they might accuse me of something if they caught me taking their pictures. LOL. We never know how people think of this things nowadays.

I tried landscape photography but the noise on my pictures were so horrible. I don’t have a tripod yet so imagine me taking sunset pictures without a tripod so obviously my pictures are either blurred or if not, has a lot of noise. I have to set my ISO higher and my shutter speed just to capture what I can. Anyway, I have to research more on how to do that without a tripod. Guess I have to ask Youtube —–or buy a tripod.

I find taking pictures of Nature kind of easy and artistic. Well, nature is everywhere. You just have to find how you tell a story with it. You may take pictures of nature anytime anywhere but making it an art that tells a story is the challenge. Here are some of my recent pictures:

The Unknown Road- a story of taking risk. You won’t be able to know what’s  in the end of this road unless you take the risk and just go for it. We did and we ended up kayaking on a very nice lake. 🙂
The Enchanted – a story of an unreal world. That somewhere in this world, there is a place where fairies, mermaids, elves, and others exist. And this picture shows a piece of it.
The Undead Tree – a story of mystery. Technically, this tree is dead but the way it is put there and the way it grew makes you wonder what happened to it.
The Lone Cottage – a story of being left alone This cottage was left alone in the middle of an island. The other side of the cottage is still good as you see in the picture. I feel like this cottage is waiting for something/someone to come back for it.
Fool’s Butterfly – a story of blindly following someone. Every time I see this picture, it’s like the leaves are following the butterfly when they know they can only go as far as their roots/stem can go. Unlike the butterfly which can go anywhere.


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