What’s living life to the fullest suppose to look like?

I like to write.

And it’s always like that ever since I was young. And that explains why I always keep a journal (that no one knows about) and a blog just like this one.

I don’t know if you noticed but we’ve been following like a trend in life on how our life should suppose to go — finish school, get a job, get married at a certain age, have kids, and retire with grace. Don’t you ever ask yourself why it feels like we have to follow this and if you can’t do just one, people see you differently? I’ve been hearing lots of stories of people who were judged as lonely because they’re still single at a certain age, or incomplete because they didn’t have children, or wasted because they didn’t finish their studies. I mean, for me, the way a person live shouldn’t be judged at all just because of that norm that we should follow. In the end, isn’t it that what matters most is if your happy with your life or not?

Which leads me to our question, “what living life to the fullest suppose to look like?”. Answers to this question will be different for each person because we have different upbringings in life. But you have to agree that you have lived your life if you don’t have lingering regrets, grudge, or feelings of remorse towards others. If you were to tell your story to your grandchildren, or children, or any young ones, will you be able to tell it with pride and enthusiasm like you lived the best out of life? If you have goals to achieve, have you atleast tried everything before deciding to give up, and leave it to experience and use that to further reach better goals? For me, living life to the fullest is taking risk, constantly having new goals and achieving it, and hoping some of this will make a difference not only to myself but to others. And the most important is, not being pressured by social norms!

It’s a work-in-progress for me as for the rest of us. So as to how it should look like depends on how you want your story to be told by you or by others. I can imagine myself telling my life stories to my grandchildren. Telling them the crazy things I’ve done so far, where I went and who I’ve met, and  how I will become successful. Hoping that they’ll learn from it. 

Thinking of the stories to tell in the future? Then, start making those stories happen.


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