Travel and Me

Took me awhile to look for something to write about.

Well, technically, I can just write about anything, like all of people can do. It’s just that finding an interesting topic is kind of hard. Especially if you’re not that inspired.

Speaking about being inspired. I guess I am kind of feeling it right now.

So, what then to write about?

During the few days that I haven’t written anything here, a lot of things happened. But not that interesting for some so I figured not to write about it for now. Now, I’m going around the bush here, and not really writing anything interesting. Bear with me, I’m still actually thinking. Lol.

I just had a thought. Since it’s Summer time, I just thought about discussing what really makes a summer vacation worth remembering? Is it the place? The people you go with? or the activities? Would you agree with me if I say that it is with the people you are with that makes your time worthwhile? You can go to a place and not enjoy it if your alone (some would disagree here since there are really people who enjoys travelling alone). To me, that makes my travels or any events or occasion worth my time.

I just realized that with my travels, I haven’t had the same group twice. To prove, here are a few of where I’ve been so far:

El Nido, Palawan 2014: These girls are technically my annual summer travel buddies. We have this tradition of going on a summer vacation every year. We started in Puerto Galera in 2013, then Palawan for 2014 (above pic), then Bohol in 2015, and for this year 2016, will be in Cagayan de Oro. This pic though is the travel we had where all of us were able to come amidst our busy schedules. The rest, either one or two are not able to join. Really love this pic. Each has their own character. πŸ™‚


Bicol 2015: This is the most adventurous travel I had so far. First time traveling with no itinerary, plan, or a budget and yet it turned out fine. This was Holy Week 2015 and during that time, we don’t have anywhere else to go since we can’t go home. So, our friend who is from Bicol invited us to come to her province since she was going home then anyway, and so we did go! We were basically putting our faith that we can get a ride there. Luckily, we were cramped in a van for 12 hours. Talk about being calm and patient most of our travel time. After we arrived at their place, that’s when we went on a gala spree. It was during this time that I experienced swimming on a beach at 2am and sleep in the beach sand drunk (we didn’t have a tent).
Cagbalete 2015: VA team building. The funny thing is, I’m not actually part of this team. But I’m friends with them. And the reason why I went with this group is because, I really do like to know them outside the office. This was the first time I went out with them, after that, I’m almost on their travel or event list. Really love it that they treat me as part of their team/family. With these guys, everywhere we go and everything that we do always spells F-U-N.
Cebu 2015: This is the first travel I did with my sister. Yep, just the two of us. And it was superb! Of course, we do have an itinerary, but most of the time, we didn’t follow it since we lack time so we have to choose where we can go. We went whale shark watching, canyoning (which is the best summer activity I had), snorkeling and saw a lot of sardines, met new friends, and waterfall trekking, among other things.Cebu is a very nice place. Lots to see.
Puerto Galera 2015: MA teambuilding. Now this is my team. This is my second time in Puerto and again, I still consider this place my favorite. This place to me is relaxing, especially the beach. This is the first team building we had where 98% of us came! And I was really really glad about it. I get to organize the team building activities and I’m really happy that they enjoyed it. A lot of things happened during this time and this was when I think changed a lot of things. Love to go on a travel with all of them again.

Now, looking back. What’s my best summer vacation so far? I honestly can’t choose, because I really did enjoy all of them.

I still have Calaguas this May, then in Cagayan de Oro on July, and in Bangkok on my birthday (alone!). What can I say, I just simply like to travel. πŸ™‚

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