Balai ni Inday (Laguna)

“Balai” means House. And, well, you know who Inday is. 🙂

If you google what this is, you’ll find their page where one of their post says this:

“Experience BALI, Indonesia in Balai ni Inday – The only Private Pool Resort in Laguna with Two Breathtaking Views of the Majestic Mount Makiling and Awesome Alligator Lake.”

I haven’t been to Bali, Indonesia yet, but I’ll tell you, this place is really amazing! Though, I didn’t know that we can see Mount Makiling from there. LOL. I could have taken a picture of Mount Makiling.

The house itself is what I call my dream vacation house —- great view, isolated, lots of plants, lots of mirrors, comes with a pool and jacuzzi (w/c during this time was not working), and wonderful landscapes.

Balai ni Inday at Night
Balai ni Inday at Night (photo credit: Leo)

We came here on the first weekend of May for our Team Building activities and we just honestly just enjoyed the place.

Getting here was a challenge though. We actually got lost. Better use Waze just to make sure. It is located in Brgy Tadlak, Los Banos, Laguna—just a 2 hr drive from Manila.

Here’s a picture of the Alligator Lake where you can actually do kayaking. Though, we didn’t try it since it was noon when we got there and it was really hot and we prefer to stay in and just drink, sing, and play games. 🙂

DSC_0559 (2)
A glimpse of the Alligator Lake 

I’m not really good at describing things and leaving them to one’s imagination, so here are some of pics that show how beautiful this place is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope this made you feel like going to this place. For the contact numbers and rates, you can just google it. 🙂 (I wasn’t the organizer so I actually don’t know, lol).

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