Friendship Goals

There has been a lot of hashtags about this and it just made me realize the real meaning of it.

I always mention that I have this annual summer getaway with my crazy friends. This time of the year, we went to Cagayan de Oro for the sole purpose of experiencing water rafting and of course, the beautiful beach in Camiguin.

So what is our friendship goal? This:


It just makes me laugh seeing the state of those vest we wore in Puerto Galera last 2013. Last year, we went to Bohol but I don’t think we have a pic with a life vest on though we did went to Panglao Beach.

Joking aside (no actually, i’m not That is truly our goal), in every place to we go to, we make sure that it is a new experience for all of us. For instance, in Puerto Galera, they have this awesome fire dance and night party!

And in Palawan? C’mon! The Islands and the Beaches are just simply magnificent.

Bohol? It was our first time riding on an ATV while passing those famous Chocolate Hills.

CDO? Of course, this:

WATER RAFTING: it was scary at first but when you get used to it, you’ll want more challenging rapids.

We have hundreds of pictures I think from this activity alone. Talk about being camera shy. haha. No, these girls are cam whores. Believe me, because I am usually the one taking pics. The photographer here by the way used an action camera and rode on a kayak and sometimes, he goes ahead of us, finds a good spot and takes lots of pictures. I don’t have a picture of him though because we were afraid the GoPro might get thrown out the water.

It’s too early to plan for next year, but definitely, I’ll be looking forward to what our life vest might look like. haha.

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