#thestruggleisreal @ Mt Pamitinan

This is my first time doing a travel blog and now I understand why there are a lot of people doing this.

The experiences are real and we just want to simply share it to the wooorld!!!! (saying it like I’m shouting with echo..haha). Or not…I just want to make my friends jealous. haha. Just kidding.

I am not a frequent mountain hiker since I am from a mountainous province but doing this once in a while and away from home is nostalgic and fun in a different way.

Mt. Pamitinan in Rizal Province was just the 2nd climb I did since I started working here in Manila 4 years ago. The last time was in Mt. Daraitan, and that was really difficult. Reallllyyy difficult.

Anyway, our group was composed of five brave girls who, like me, are all beginners. And jeez, they are tough. No one gave up! Just look at that victory pose after reaching the summit:


I must admit, we did spend more time taking pictures on each stops and, we are definitely not complaining! Our guide, Sir Junie is like the best guide and photographer in one! We just gave our phones to him and let him capture most of the moments.  Being used to the terrains, he was like a ninja stepping on boulders and mountain edges, just to get the best angle for the picture!

The video is enough to show what we did, so that saved me a lot of thinking on how to describe our experiences. haha. Just one lazy writer here.

By the way, one highlight in this adventure is getting to meet groups of hikers. It’s just our luck that we met an all-handsome-boys group who we bravely had pictures with, though we never got the chance to know their names. haha. Well, at least we have their picture. lol


Love to do this another time in a diferent place.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the basic information people find on travel blogs. Sorry, first timer here. lol

Budget for a group of 5 is just P500 each, give or take. And that already includes the roundtrip fare (100), environmental fee (50), guide fee (100-150 each), and how much you want to donate when you register, and if you want to buy gloves or caps, and food along the way. For group of 6 and up, it is required to have at least 2 guides, so it’s more expensive.

Dress code? Best to wear leggings with shorts over it, and loose shirts because the place is hot and you’ll need to be flexible and comfortable as possible. You can wear hiking sandals and/or shoes (for the mountain climb, and for the muddy descent to the falls if you choose to do the traverse). And, wear gloves because the boulders are sharp and pointed.

What to bring? Depending on your water intake, you should at least bring 1.5 liters of water. But, there’s a stop half way to the summit where you’ll find vendors selling water and food so you could just buy more there. You can also leave your things there if you don’t want the extra weight climbing up. Also, try to bring raincoats, garbage bags or umbrella just in case it rains.

What else? Oh yeah, our guide contact. I definitely recommend Sir Junie! From what I heard, he is one of the favorites for the climb and he’s actually being booked at least 1 week of the scheduled climb. It’s just when we went there, the group that he was supposed to guide backed out so we had the pleasure of having him as our guide. According to him, for weekend climb, notify him 1 week before. For weekdays, at least 3 days before. You can contact him at 09494758200. A piece of advice though, just do what he tells you to do. 🙂

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