Change the way you see the world

Something happened that changed me from good to worst. And I did one thing that made me better.

For the last couple of months, I was stuck in a world where I feel irritated, disappointed and demotivated all the time.I blame others for not giving what I want. I hated them for not caring for me. I blame them for all the things that is happening to me. I got stuck to a world where I do the same things everyday—no growth, no improvement. I started living in that world. And as a result, I lost myself.
Then, I just got fed up and started to do something drastic. I wanted to leave and to start fresh in a new environment and be the person I used to be. The curious things is that, the new environment is not accepting me. And that’s when I realized what’s wrong with me.
I begun to see myself–what I did and have been doing, the changes, and how that change affected the people around me. I was so consumed with the things that I want that I realized that I was not doing anything to get it. I became dependent with others for my own success. I started listening to what people say about me, gathered honest feed backs from them and started to contemplate on them. And I started to think differently.

We think we see the world as it is. NO. We see the world as we were conditioned to see it.

I changed the way I see things around me. With just that, I saw the good intentions of the people who I thought don’t care about me. I saw the reactions of the few people whom I used to be closed with towards me. I saw opportunities that I haven’t noticed before. And I saw all the things that I missed in the past couple of month.
With my vision of myself in mind, I started to see the path that I needed to take for me to make that vision a reality. I started to plan, listed all the things that I needed to do. It’s a long list and I am still far from where I am right now but, definitely, I’ll get there.
I wouldn’t be sharing this if I hadn’t experienced it first hand. But just changing how you see the world around you will change how you will behave towards it. Your actions will change, and you’ll get a better result in the end. 

If you want small changes in your life, work on your attitude. But if you want BIG and PRIMARY changes, work on your paradigm*. – Stephen R. Covey

*Paradigm is the way an individual perceives, understands, and interprets, the surrounding world.
We experience this shifts all the time. We might have same experience with others, but it’s how we reacted to it that makes the difference. You see, what I learned is that all the things that is happening to us is the result of all our actions. We chose to be miserable. If you see people don’t like you and you chose to not like them, then you will tend to avoid those people or give them a hard time, then they will really not like you. But if you see them as someone who likes you but they just don’t know how to express it, then your behavior and actions will change toward them. You’ll be greeting them with a smile. In effect, the people around you who really don’t like you, will also have a shift in their perspective about you and and you’ll all end up liking each other. Win-Win! 🙂





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