How I saw Macau

Usually, most tourist would go to Macau for a day tour or as a side trip in their Hong Kong trip. But not me, I went there simply because I miss someone. πŸ™‚

It was my first international travel and it was quite an experience.


I mentioned this is my first international travel, so you would expect me to be prepared and all. But nope, I was not.

Three weeks before my scheduled flight, I intended to re-book it to a later date— more time to save for travel, not busy days, and just simply because I was not prepared. I learned that re-booking a flight is sooooooooo expensive so I decided to go with it.

I printed all that I can— flight ticket, made-up tour itinerary (w/c is really just made-up), leave approval, COE, valid IDs, invitation letter ( I am staying with a special friend so I need this), and my meeting schedule for the whole month (just to prove I am returning). I was only able to buy MOP200 at the airport since this is the only available they have at that time. And yes, I did think of buying MOP at Sanry’s or Czarina but I thought, you know, it’s cheaper at the airport? Is it?


I had my flight at Clark International Airport, because I was honestly scared of going through NAIA Immigration. I read enough stories to scare the sh*t out of me. Remember, it was my first time to go out the country, I am staying with a friend, and I am travelling SOLO.

So after checking in and paying all that needs paying, there I was, finally lining up to an immigration officer, all my documents are prepared, and to be honest, I was nervous. I gave my passport and my boarding pass, waited for him to ask me anything. He looked at me, took my photo and my fingerprint, and gave back my passport and passbook. Then, he let me proceed. I thought that there was another screening you know, maybe, that was just the first pass. But when I realized that that was it, I was like, what? Did that just happened? I want to go back to that officer and ask him if he maybe forgot to ask me anything. It was disappointing, I was prepared to answer anything! Just kidding! haha. As soon as I realized that I got through without being asked a single thing, I was like, I can finally breathe! I felt the excitement of going out of the country for the first time!

I later found out that there were passengers with the same flight as me who got offloaded (and I took one of their seat in the plane—-window seat, oh yeahhh).

The Place

I actually don’t have an itinerary to follow because my friend,oh alright, my boyfriend toured me around since he knows the place well. We visited the usual tourist destinations — St Paul’s Ruin, Senado Square, Musuem, and a lot of Casinos. There are a lot of blogs already featuring these spots so you can just google them. πŸ™‚

I am interested, however, in things like:

  • What is at the back of the the St Paul’s Ruins?


As you can see, nothing much. There was a building behind and it’s some sort of an office.

  • That alley near Senado Square where you can eat this:

This is the other reason why I wanted to visit Macau. Their sauce is superb!

  • That corner where not many are taking pictures (@Monte Fortress).20180929_181114.jpg

I saw someone taking a picture at this corner so when they finished I went to see what’s at the edge. You can see the Macau landscape from this location. I was taking a pose when I saw a guard coming and that’s when we realized that this corner is a No No Zone. There was a painted yellow line which we didn’t notice that basically is screaming “don’t pass beyond this line, dummy!”. Oh well….

  • Jollibee doing FREE food tasting.20180929_175001.jpg

Jollibee just opened their first branch in Macau located @ Circle Square, so he was roaming around promoting. I have a very nice picture with him with the Ruins as background and I already posted it on Facebook so I will not be posting it here. Not that you care anyway. haha

  • That tiangge Macau version:

Giordano should not probably be part of this picture, but they were on S-A-L-E!

  • That Dragon show and that Performance Lake at Wynn!

    I most certainly enjoyed the shows! They are fascinating!

  • Giant Panda Pavilion!

This, I really enjoyed! I didn’t know about this place at first until I read about it online . I was so excited to see a real live Panda! But as you can see, they were asleep when we got there. At least I got to see their butts, with the way they sleep. One was not asleep that time but he was far and eating bamboo leaves like it’s the most delicious food in the world. Don’t have a good picture of him though.

I was surprised that there are other animals in this place. I got to see flocks of flamingo, a couple of swan, a monkey, and a Red Panda…

Hong Kong

It was not on my plan to go to Hong Kong but it turns out, our Annual Am-among festival is being celebrated there.

Am-among festival is a festival that celebrates Bontoc’s founding day. I am from Bontoc, Mt Province and so it was just so fortunate that Ifontoks in Hong Kong are celebrating this within the date of my travel. And that’s how I got to see HK! πŸ™‚

We were just there for the occasion and we got back to Macau that night, but then, it was nice seeing HK.


Being in a foreign place, I can’t help myself from comparing this place to my home country. What I noticed about Macau are:

  1. There are clean public toilets everywhere.
  2. They have designated garbage areas, and are being collected several times a day.
  3. People have so much respect for the elderly. In buses, they really give way for them.
  4. Elders are still allowed to work even if they’re are already at a retired age. It’s true, nothing beats the experiences they had.
  5. You can actually live here since the food is not that expensive. You can buy a lot in groceries with just MOP100.
  6. Commuting/walking is preferred. Uber and taxi are quite expensive.
  7. It’s hard to communicate with them, since very few can understand English.
  8. It is best explored at night! Lights everywhere, and Casinos, and shows are so alive at night.

I would definitely visit this place again, because I still have lots to see and do in this place! Until next time….









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